TE Connectivity recrute des CA Process Techniciens sur Tanger

TE Connectivity recrute des CA Process 

TE Connectivity is a list of applications for the CA Process Technician post, a rôle that allows you to edit your powerful and collaborative work with people on various issues, contributing to creating a more secure, durable and connected system.


Aperçu du Poste:

Since TE Connectivity, the fabrication and process development equipment is a crucial process in the projects and development of new products used by LEANPD, and the excellence in the technologies and fabrication methods that exist et al. 'Effective implementation of new fabrication technologies to improve the control of processes and transmissions.

These equipments constitute the lien essential for the development of products and fabrication components, ensuring efficiency and efficiency of this interface.

They also support the development of products in the optimization of conceptions and pieces for the fabric capabilities, including outputs, products and prototypes.

It is necessary to optimize, develop and optimize the output and process to respond to the quality standards and production of TE, documenting all the processes and outputs in the applicable systems of TE, such as the application chain to verify the conformity and the Capacity of the furniture, training and maintenance of the programs to improve the continuity of the quality, the cost and the temps of the cycle, and respect all the specifications, exigences regilementaires and exigences of the clients' appropriations.

Your profile will be updated here:

  • Technicien specialisé in Automatization or in Conception Mechanical.
  • Plus 2 years of experience in Conception and Construction of Machines (Process/Method/Industrial).
  • Experience in the automobile sector.
  • One experience with the conception machine is essential.
  • An experience with the assembly process is at out.


  • Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Development, Innovation.

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